Sen. MacGregor reacts to the 2018 State of the State address

Sen. Peter MacGregor

Sen. Peter MacGregor

LANSING, Mich. — State Sen. Peter MacGregor, R-Rockford, issued a reaction on Tuesday following Gov. Rick Snyder’s 2018 State of the State address.

“Governor Snyder emphasized the tremendous strides that Michigan’s Republican leadership has made to cultivate a positive business environment,” MacGregor said.

“We went from being the prime example of economic depression to the region’s economic powerhouse. Because of our smart policy decisions, more than 540,000 new jobs, many in revived manufacturing industries, are boosting wages, driving down unemployment and attracting talent to stay in and move to Michigan.

“We did all this while maintaining fiscal responsibility: paying down state debt and building a windfall rainy day fund of just under $900 million. I was particularly pleased that the governor mentioned Michigan’s agriculture and tourism industries, which not only contribute to the economic wealth of the state, but also set Michigan a rung above our neighbors.”

MacGregor also expressed his enthusiasm for Snyder’s comments on education.

“I appreciate the governor’s continued focus on investing in education and improving learning opportunities for our youth,” MacGregor said. “STEM fields and the skilled trades are increasingly important; it’s our obligation to make sure our youth are prepared for the jobs of tomorrow. We have already invested $2.1 billion in education, including $96 million for skilled trades training, and we have introduced career pathway legislation to create new talent pools — but there’s still more that we can do.

“That is why I sponsored a bill that was part of a package of legislation recommended by the governor’s Career Pathways Alliance. My bill would give students clear information about the skills demanded in the marketplace and would empower administrators to guide their students to make smart educational decisions.

“Michigan, now more than ever, is a great place to live and to work. There’s still a lot to do, but there’s no question that the last seven years of Republican governance have created a tremendous turnaround for Michigan. I look forward to working with the governor in 2018 and building on our amazing successes for the good of all Michiganders.”